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The Helixia family of cough and cold remedies

The Helixia family of cough and cold remedies
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Straight from Europe and making landfall in Canada for the first time, Helixia boasts cough and cold remedies made from naturally-sourced medicinal ingredients. Products for both children and adults, they are the perfect allies for the cold and flu season.

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I was very impressed to look at the ingredients and see very little. Meaning, it is as natural as possible, not containing all the unnecessary things that are put in other cough and cold remedies. Both myself and my children liked the honey smell and honey taste. That says a lot when you have fussy children. I do prefer using a natural product over any other medication as long as it works. This product gave me just that. It helped with my childs cough and seemed to soothe his throat. My daughter is now using this product and it seems to be working for her as well. I found it interesting that the product is to be taken 3 times a day for a week. It may seem like a long time to use the product rather than a product that can be used only when needed but it does seem to work. Most colds will last 7 days so for me this makes sense. The fact that it is all natural is a big deal. No body needs all that unnecessary stuff that does nothing for you. Thank you for giving my the opportunity to try this product.


I loved that the capsules are so small. That makes them easier to swallow. The only thing I didn't like, was that I took one without eating and for the rest of the day it tasted like I had eaten vaporub. My son seemed to like the taste of the children's cough syrup, which is a big plus. Its always easier to get them to take medicine when it doesn't taste bad! I love the single dose sachets. So handy to just slip into your purse to take to work or wherever you're going so that you don't have to travel with the bottle or pills or miss a dose. I think its brilliant. I don't like how it tastes, however it does taste better then most other cough syrups


Our household has been suffering from some kind of upper respiratory tract infection involving a whole lot of mucous, coughing and miserableness. Mine was also affecting my sinuses and the facial pressure was really getting to me. I loved how easy to swallow the cold and sinus pills were and how effective I found them to be. I really appreciated how easy it was to give my daughter the childrens cold medication - the honey flavour made such a difference and the effect on her cough is almost instantaneous after giving her a dose! The single dose packs have been a lifesaver - I can easily pop a few into my purse to bring to work and take as needed throughout the day without the mess of having to measure out a dose!


Just a day after we got the Helixia famly cough and cold products I had two of my three kids get sick, we loved the results of this product and they didn't even mind the taste! I loved that it worked quickly, there was no fight to get them to take it as they loved that it was natural and they were not worried about the "icky" usual things I will for sure be buying these products in the future they are well thought out and worked very well! limited the fever and kept it under control as well as really helped with the barking cough!! My mom actually got sick we think because of my kids and I gave her a few of the travel packs she also had rave reviews and felt better very quickly! loved the ease of popping those in her purse with no worries of leaking etc or big bulky bottles


The product tasted good. I didnt like that we had to take so much of it. as the whole bottle was gone before the week was up. the long lasting effects also werent there. i liked that the ingredients were all natural and my kids didnt want to vomit when they had it. it didnt seem to work as well as the tylenol colds or advil cold medicines out there. i liked that they had to go packages which were a lot less messy and way more convenient.


It was such good timing for the box of Helixia to arrive at our house! My daughter was home sick from school with a cold/flu/fever! Usually I have a hard time convincing her to take medicine because she dislikes the taste , but she didn't mind the taste of the Helixia. It was very fast acting and she was able to get some rest.She hadn't been sleeping very well because her cough kept her awake and this was very good at getting rid of her cough!


I was so excited to receive my package because my youngest daughter was starting to get a cough. She usually gets a cough and it always goes straight to her chest due to other medical reasons. It worked so good and I was so impressed with many aspects of the cleverness of Helixia. The cup to pour the medicine is so genius because you can do it in the middle of the night with ease due to the "bump" at the 5ml mark! Also the spout that the medicine comes out of is great too! My daughter loved the taste and I am still amazed on how well it worked on her. I was also so impressed with the packets of medicine!! Seriously, how smart! I am so in love with the whole Helixia brand, they have won me and my family over for sure!


I was very happy with this product. My grandson is 2 yrs old and it was great to finally have something to give him for his cough n cold that is for such young children. The best being its naturally soured ingredients. My daughter and grandson took the medication and it quickly helped their symptoms which nothing else has really done a good job. I too thought it was wonderful. Helped my sinuses and headache and the small cough i had. I will definately choose Helixia as my main go to remedy and be happy to tell others about the product. Thank you for letting me be part of this product review! JW


What perfect timing! Everyone in our household was sick with a cold when I received this! I was rather surprised with the many options and looked forward to trying all. I have to admit, I used my 9 year old son as a guinea pig first to try the Helixia Prospan Cough Syrup for kids. I was convinced he would try it and like it....Boy, was I wrong! Although his preference is cherry flavoured cough medicine, my son was willing to try this syrup because of it's claim to taste like honey, a flavour he likes as well. According to my son, quote/unquote, " it's gross and doesn't taste like honey at all....Why does it taste so bad after I swallow it?!" Back to Nyquil Cherry Children's cough syrup for him, I guess. As for the rest of us in my family, we tend to be unanimous in our opinion that it doesn't really taste that great or like honey, but we found it tolerable. I really liked the Helixia Liquid Caps as they were so easy to take, with minimal taste. Just swallow and maybe have a small drink of water with it. The single dose packets were convenient to carry with me in my purse, but they still were hard to take because of the taste. I was hesitant at first to take any of the Helixia three times as day as specified, thinking that this was a little much for cough medicine. I did notice that our colds did seems to improve and our symptoms reduced within a week. I would really like to see different flavours, especially a cherry option, to make this medicine better tasting for all of us. Overall, I found the Helixia products somewhat effective, if you can just get past the taste. I don't think this would be a product I would purchase if there were no changes made to the flavour. Loved the review opportunity, though. Thanks, Divine!


First of all I would like to thank Divine for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful product. To be honest, I did not know what to expect. I was pleasently surprised that the syrup was such a soothing honey taste making it easier to go down. What is funny is that the week before I tried it I was having such a horrible time with mucus especailly with in the morning and during the night. I took the syrup before I went to sleep at night and it kicked in and I have to admit that I was less mucussy. I then took it in the morninf and followed up by noon with the pills. and on occasional days I took the powder mix. I love the convenience of the powder mix as I put one in my purse, at my desk at work and even in my husband lunch bag. Sometimes we get tired of taking pills and it was a great alternative. My status today. Less mucus that before with a few scragglers on their way out but I love the fact that Helixia did not have me feeling drowsy in the day and when I took it at night it did not have me feeling wired and unable to sleep like some remedies do. My younger son has taken this also and what is weird is that he kept having an upset stomach and we thought it was his food he was eating. So when I received this Helixia Remedy product I started giving it to him and he has not had an upset stomach, call it a fluke or maybe the other medications that I buy over the counter in the drug store are too harsh on his stomach. That alone had made me make the switch. Wonderful taste, without the normal natural yuck taste that people expect. It was like having a soothing teaspoon of honey. Thank you Divine and Helixia you have a winner with this one.

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