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Nescafé Dolce Gusto system

Nescafé Dolce Gusto system
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Nescafé Dolce Gusto is a single-serve coffee machine, and the only one of its kind that can make both hot and cold beverages. The unique design makes it a stunning addition to any kitchen, and it is available in four designer colours: vibrant red, creamy white, sophisticated black and cutting-edge titanium. It allows you to make coffeehouse-style coffee, made right at home!

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I was very excited to get my Dolce Gusto machine in the mail! I must say that I was not the main coffee drinker in the family, my husband was. Well that has definetly changed!! After trying this product I now drink a cup every single morning. I could not imagine starting the day without it! I used to have to add so much cream and sugar to be able to drink coffee, but the pods of coffee you use are so tasty! They are in now way bitter or burnt tasting ( a common coffee house problem) Instead you get a perfect tasting cup everytime. I now drink my coffee black!! I loved the conversation starting design of this machine as well. It has fit perfectly in with my kitchen design. I also use the machine to make my tea, I no longer have a need for my kettle or tea pot! The water heats up so quickly and to the perfect temp everytime. I would highly recomend everyone getting this machine or giving it as a gift, your friends will thank you everyday!


My husband and I were super excited to open our modern looking coffee machine that fit perfectly into our kitchen decor, and since we don't drink tons of coffee everyday it is great to have a one cup option on the counter. it was simple to set up, fast, and quieter than others we have seen. We liked that the water reservoir was at the back of the machine. We like the idea that you can make tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even cold beverages in this machine, we have however not found the pods anywhere we normally shop. I guess a trip to a store that sells the machine is in order. We like that our kids can have drinks from the machine, since they love the novelty of the idea and then can partake in the "cool coffee maker". We found the machine to be a little confusing to use at first, since you have to measure out the water and combine pods to make the fancier drinks. We really just guessed at the quantities and hoped for the best. We wanted it to be simple to use, so we decided to try it the way we would use it. For people who enjoy tinkering with their coffee recipes, this is certainly the machine for them. it does come with a chart that you could tape in your cupboard to refer to if needed, but I imagine if you used it everyday you for a while longer you would learn your favorites and no longer need to refer to the cheat sheet. It is the most versatile one cup machine we have seen up to date. We even invited our coffee connoisseur friends over to critique the coffee. All our friends enjoyed the taste of the coffee, saying it was the best one cup coffee they had had, there was however concern with the temperature. We all found the beverages did not come out as hot as we would like. We feel that the pods seem expensive, coming in at a dollar each when you need two to make a drink in some cases. We did like that the machine came with a pod garbage receptacle to make multi-pod drinks easier to make with less mess, and no finger burning. Overall this machine is well done, and I would recommend it to others.


Overall it was on good machine. I found the instructions not very helpful. Would have liked text instead of just pictures. It was hard to detemine how much liquid to put into each cup; I ended up with a few watery cups at the start. A good idea might have been to add water levels to the water holder. I've used a K-Cup machine in the past and I found that one a little more user friendly. I think the more I use it, the more I will like it but there were defintely some issues at the beginning.


I was so excited to receive this product for review. When it arrived, I quickly tore into the box to get all the parts washed and assembled, and then quickly brewed my first cup of java. My excitement was dampened slightly when I looked at the quantities of each beverage. They are all so small! I realize that this typically is the norm for these types of specialty beverages, but when you are paying around $1 per cup (in my local grocery store, beverages with coffee and milk components come in boxes of only 8 total beverages at $8.99/box!), I was hoping to get a little more bang for my buck. I also found that each beverage had a different amount of water that needed to be consumed to make the perfect drink. I had to measure out how much water each drink needed, and then pour the water into the tank of the machine. Beverages with milk and coffee components were a bit trickier, since there were two separate measurements. I just found that in order to make a drink that had a quality flavour, taking these extra steps was necessary. Not very efficient if you're needing a quick cup before running to work in the morning. I found that the flavour of the coffee did not compare to coffeehouse-style coffee, as the description of the product claims. At times it was very bitter, and I had to use sweeteners or a flavour shot to make it palatable, whereas I normally drink my coffee black. I also found that the Choccochino flavour was very bland, and lacked the necessary sweetness I would expect from a hot cocoa. Overall, it seems like this was a very large machine for the quantity of product it produces. I couldn't find a handy spot in my kitchen to leave it, and each time I wanted to use it I had to drag it out. This is not the type of product that I would use everyday, and it seemed to get in the way more often than not.


I loved how easy the machine was to use. It took me less than 5 minutes to set it up and get started to make a drink! With minimal mess and clean-up, a hot cappuccino was easy even in a household with 2 toddlers. No messing with measuring grounds or steam wands, and a nearly perfect cappuccino is dispensed every time. It did take a little bit of fiddling to get the measurements sorted out for each drink. The different varieties of beverages give you the optimal measurements, but without a marked mug, it was a bit of guesswork. But it doesn't take much at all, and within a couple days I could eyeball the level in my favorite couple mugs and get it right. With a couple different varieties of beverages, you don't feel that you are being limited in choices. Both the hot and cold varieties are of high quality and come out wonderfully through the Dolce Gusto machine. I would like to see some different flavors of lattes, but in the meantime I have some flavored syrups that I add to my mug before dispensing the latte macchiato through the machine. Just a quick little stir, and I could have a flavored latte without any real additional work. The cost of the individual beverages is reasonable and since lattes and cappuccinos include the coffee and milk there is nothing you have to add, it's all there for you. I worked it out and my Dolce Gusto machine can give me a specialty coffee every morning for a week for the price of just one Specialty Coffee Shop latte! That's a good savings for my family!! All in all, I love this machine and look forward to using it for a long time to come!


I am a huge coffee drinker, so I was very excited when I was chosen to review this product. The first thing I noticed when I took the machine out of the box was the sleek, modern design. It has a very funky look! It is took me a few moments to understand exactly how it worked. The instruction booklet is mostly illustrated and I found it hard to understand exactly what the pictures were showing me. Once I had it figured out I gave it a try. I just did a regular coffee for my first drink. One thing I don't like it how you have to turn the switch off when your cup is full or it will overflow. I have used another single serve coffee system before which would pour the appropriate amount of liquid into your cup. This was convenient because you could walk away while the coffee was pouring. However, the Dolce Gusto does not have this feature. I liked how you have the option to make hot and cold drinks. This is a nice feature. Once you master how much of each pod should be poured into your cup, the drinks this machine produced were quite good. I like the backlight that lights up the system as you are pouring. The pods are a little more expensive than other I have seen, but I think for the quality and variety of the drinks that you can get, they are worth it. Overall, I was very pleased with this system and will definitely continue to use it in the future.


Firstly I'd like to say how EXCITED my husband and I were to receive the Nescafe Dolce Gusto and the opportunity to review this product. My husband and I drink coffee every morning, from our drip-coffee machine. We've never owned or operated an individual, capsule type machine until now. What we enjoyed about the machine: The look of the Circolo - The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo is a beautiful machine; everyone who's seen it, mentioned how modern and artsy it was living my kitchen counter. The Circolo design is excellent; we loved that the water reservoir is on the back of the machine, and can be filled and re-filled easily. Set up - We loved the easy set up of the machine, we took it out of the box, washed the parts and put it to use. We didn't have any difficulty navigating the instructions, once all the parts were identified. The capsules - The coffee capsules that came with the machine (a sample packe - with capsules for 5 different drinks) were aromatic, flavourful and suitably frothy. We were very impressed with the "coffee house flavour" they did not taste at all like an "instant" coffee. Some of the things that could be improved upon: Measuring of each drink it was difficult to ascertain exactly how much coffee/milk was actually dispensed into a regular coffee cup. We purchased clear, glass coffee cups in order to be able to accurately judge the correct mL of liquid that was dispensed. Maybe a clear glass cup would be a good addition to the box. Availability of the capsules - like other reviewers mentioned, only a few stores in my area carried the capsules, and only four different drinks. Tea capsules would have been a nice addition to the sample pack. As well, a decaf would have been nice for the evening, when I wanted a warm drink without caffeine. The availability of the capsules, has kept us from using this machine as often as we would like. Temperature of the drink - we loved that the machine could make a cold or hot coffee beverages. But we were disappointed with the temperature of the "finished" hot drink. The drink is heated to drink immediately, and doesn't seem to retain its heat like a "coffee house" beverage. Overall, we think the Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a great individual, capsuled coffee machine. We will continue to enjoy our Gusto and the tasty coffee house inspired drinks. Thanks Nescafe!


When the machine arrived my fiance and myself were anxious and excited to try it. The machine looks so cool and futuristic. There was some confusion when reading the instructions, the machine itself is fairly straight forward however there are only image showing the measurements for the different drinks and is somewhat confusing to begin with, as for some drinks you need to use two slightly different pods as well as different amounts of water for each. It was very difficult to measure the exact amounts of water you are using when making these drinks, also those drinks (everything except the cafe Americano and Lungo) used two pods, so the twelve capsules that came with the machine were really only 8 or so drinks total came with. It would have been nice if the machine would come with one of the cold beverages to try. The cafe Americano was okay although it wasn't as good as Tim Horton's coffee. The cafe Lungo was very good and better than Tim Horton's. The Mochacino, Chocacino and Cappacino weren't the best, the flavours were not very rich but this could be because the confusing and specific measurements required for each of the pods. We haven't been able to find the pods in our local stores, found them listed on the web, but at $8.99/for a box of 8, we would be better off going to Tim Hortons where they have their measurements all figured out for a little bit more. It would be neat if the machine had come with a cup that fits properly and had the measurements in the cup so you would know how to blend the perfect drink. Overall the machine works very quickly and looks very cool, if you can get the measurements down it could be a great addition to any kitchen and really impress company with the quality of drinks that the machine seems capable of making.


The Nescafe Dolce Gusto has been an excellent addition to our kitchen. The appearance/design looks great in our kitchen and would certainly fit in in any kitchen, including a very modern one. The instructions were easy to understand and follow and since it comes ready to work, set up was easy. We had it filled up and making coffee within minutes. A great benefit is how easy it is to clean! The only downfall for our family is that with living in a smaller town there are not as many places to buy the coffee and we don't always like to purchase online. However, this will probably not be an issue for everyone.


I absolutely love The Nescafe Dolce Gusto!! It has such a unique look and looks great on my counter. I will save a lot of money having this machine in my house. I will rarely need to buy specialty coffees as there is such a wide variety of hot and cold beverages and they taste GREAT too!! The flavours are all so great that it would be hard to pick a favourite, but at coffee houses I usually order Americano's and now I can make them at home. I will be recommending to all my friends and will be purchasing for my office as well. I AM IN LOVE!!

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