What happened to the old review squad?

The review squad used to be a special section of divine.ca where you could sign up for a chance to review a product for free in exchange for your honest feedback. Because reviews have become such an important part of reading up on a product before purchasing it nowadays, we've decided to branch out and encourage our members to share their experience with any product they'd like to talk about. However, we won't necessarily provide them with a free sample. We also decided it was time for the review squad to get its own home, so we redesigned it and gave it its own domain name. We still run programs where you can get a free product to write about, though: it just has a new name. You'll find these special panels in the section called "premium reviews", which you can access from the new review squad homepage and the menu.


What is the review squad?

The review squad is a reviewer community where you can share your feedback on products you've tried, and read about other members' experiences, too. Read more about the review squad on our about us page.


I can't post reviews. How come?

Anyone can read the reviews on our site, but to post, you have to be a member. This is done to ensure we don't get anyone spamming our review pages. Sign up here.


How do I get chosen for a premium review program?

If you notice a new product being put up for review in the premium reviews section or receive an email about it, you need to confirm your interest for each specific product that is available. Signing up, however, in no way guarantees you'll get picked. In the event that you are chosen as a reviewer for a specific product, we'll inform you by email. From there, we'll send you specific instructions as to how things will go down.


I keep signing up for premium review programs, but never get chosen. Why?

Although for most programs, we choose 100 to 200 people, compared to the number of people who sign up for them, the people who end up actually trying a product account for a very small percentage. Although it's not a contest, we do choose reviewers randomly according to certain criteria. Don't give up and keep signing up for the products that interest you: you're bound to be chosen sometime!


I want to share my feedback on a product, but I can't find it in the "write a review" section. What should I do?

We have hundreds of products in our database, but we definitely don't have all of them. Don't worry: we can always add more. If you can't find the product you're looking for, simply contact us and ask us to add it. We'll try to do it as fast as possible so you can share your experience with the rest of the community.