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Fresh breath and a clean mouth: it’s sometimes hard to achieve, especially for people who have a tendency to skip a few steps of the brush-floss-rinse routine. Brushing comes easy but, for various reasons, people tend to skip the other two steps. When rinsing, many people just don’t enjoy the intense taste of mouthwash.
Enter LISTERINE® ZEROTM Mouthwash, a new kind of mouthwash that has a milder flavour, but still provides the same benefits as traditional LISTERINE® rinse. It helps prevent and reduce both plaque and gingivitis, giving your mouth an all-over clean feeling that can’t be achieved by toothbrushing alone. The reality is that toothbrushing alone misses 75% of the mouth, leaving millions of germs behind from food and other things that we may expose our mouths to. But rinsing with LISTERINE® mouthwash can kill up to 99.9% of germs.
LISTERINE® ZEROTM Mouthwash* is available in a mint flavour for $4.49 (250mL) and $8.99 (1L) at most grocery, drug and mass retailers across Canada. Plus, it doesn’t contain any alcohol.
LISTERINE® ZERO™.  Same powerful clean. Less intense taste.

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